Why a 55-Inch Tablet Is the Cornerstone of Visual Collaboration

Why a 55-Inch Tablet Is the Cornerstone of Visual Collaboration

MondoPadPeople can’t seem to keep their hands off the giant tablet that serves as the central piece of hardware for CMIT Impression, CMIT Solutions’ new package that introduces high-end visual collaboration to the world of small business.

The device not only looks great but offers the flexibility and blending of services and functions that until now have been largely unavailable to the small business owner.

The tablet allows users from around the world to present and share documents, illustrate ideas in real time, and interact via video in unprecedented ways. It combines the clarity of a big-screen TV, the capacity of a high-performance Intel i5 PC running the latest Windows 7 Pro, and the ease of using a touch-enabled monitor that enables HD video conferencing for multiple locations, interactive presentations, collaborative editing, and interactive whiteboarding.

It’s the most powerful tool ever developed for small business communication.

“CMIT Impression lets small businesses connect and collaborate easily anywhere at any time and solve problems in new ways,” says Frank Picarello, CMIT Solutions’ chief operating officer. “The giant tablet is the key to supporting that visionit allows for whiteboarding, document sharing, and high-definition video conferencing to bring people into the meeting you’re having. It’s a great thing for small businesses, and it’s occurring for the first time in the industry.”

CMIT Impression marries the giant tablet to a Vidtel video networking service that can connect up to 12 video conferences at once; and offers a monitoring and management service to support the device along with installation and training. The features are all designed to help small businesses get the most out of the service.

Here’s a Rundown of the Device’s Key Features:

  • A natural touch interface that makes creating, sharing, and organizing content incredibly easy.
  • The ability to host virtually any existing video conferencing system.
  • State-of-the-art hardware, including a 1080p LCD display with multi-touch overlay; 4 GB of memory; high-definition 720p camera with four integrated microphones; a voice-optimized sound bar; and a full version of Microsoft Office.
  • A folder structure is open to anyone in a meeting, meaning files and documents can be shared instantly.
  • A whiteboard with writing tools is available to any participant and the ability to save and email notes and diagrams directly from the device.

“CMIT Impression and the giant InFocus tablet it uses, solve a longstanding problem for small businesses that have never had an affordable visual collaboration tool,” Picarello says. “This package gives them that ability. When you engage people visually, you solve problems more effectively.”

Think your business could benefit from the power of CMIT Impression? See https://www.cmitsolutions.com/services/visual-collaboration.

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