Why Is It so Important to Back Up Your Data?

No matter what industry you work in, data probably drives the success of your business. That’s why hackers and cyber thieves have gone to great lengths to compromise data—from client records to financial information to passwords and other login credentials.

Ransomware is the preferred weapon of many scammers. By infecting computers with particular strains of viruses that can lock users out of their computers and away from their data, hackers have extorted billions of dollars from businesses of all sizes. Security experts estimate that two-thirds of ransomware targets are small and medium-sized businesses with sub-par IT security. Shouldn’t you treat your data with the respect it deserves?

Free data backup options proliferate, but not all of them offer the level of security that many businesses need. Take cloud hosting provider Data Resolution, which on Christmas Eve last year was hit with a devastating ransomware infection.

More than 30,000 businesses nationwide were impacted by the hack, and Data Resolution had to shut down its systems to prevent the spread of the ransomware, cutting off the employees at all of those businesses from accessing their information. Some companies couldn’t access email or perform critical accounting and payroll services before the end of the year, wreaking havoc across industries.

Of Course, That Havoc Could Have Been Avoided if Those 30,000 Businesses Relied on Robust Data Backup Services Like Those Offered by CMIT Solutions

Every client’s data deserves to be backed up in a regular, remote, and redundant manner, with multiple copies of that data stored in different locations to prevent the kind of disruption outlined above.

A Plan That Works for You

Every data protection plan should start with your particular needs. What happens if data isn’t available? What parts of your business are at the highest risk? How quickly do you need to access your data in case of a natural or manmade disaster? At CMIT Solutions, we ask the right questions to build the data protection and recovery plan that works for you.

Implementation Without Interruption

Depending on your company’s needs, we put the right mix of hardware and software solutions to work to protect your data. We install the necessary tools, schedule automatic processes that perform regular data backups without disrupting your workday, and run tests to assure your business and its most important assets are protected.

Management You Can Count On

Once everything is in place, CMIT Solutions manages your data and your backups with the kind of careful consideration every company deserves. When problems arise—and in this technology day and age, they inevitably will—we offer 24/7 services to resolve any problems. A professionally managed data protection plan means that your backups are ready to be put into service at a moment’s notice. In addition, we can help you proactively plan for data growth and expansion so that you never run out of storage space or bandwidth.

What Else Sets CMIT Solutions Apart?

Your data receives protection from far more than just a local representative. Each CMIT Solutions office is independently owned and operated, but it’s also supported by a North American network with more than 200 locations and 800 technicians.

Have multiple locations or key team members that travel and need data protection? No problem. We can coordinate support to any location, and every member of the CMIT Solutions team uses the same business practices, management tools, and data backup plans necessary to standardize your IT support.

Whether you’re looking for an IT provider to help with data protection today or a trusted advisor to help with long-term planning, CMIT Solutions is here for you. Our commitment to service is unparalleled in the IT industry, and our promise is this: we will work side-by-side until your problems are resolved and technology starts to work for you, not against you. Contact us today for your data protection and IT support needs.

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