What Hotels Should Know About Mobile Device Management

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For the hotel industry, mobile device management plays a huge part in keeping daily operations running smoothly. They can even enhance guest experience and cybersecurity defenses

You might think of mobile device management (MDM) as managing the tech upgrade to old desk administration methods — using tablets, smartphones and laptops to simplify hotel modernization. MDM further details the hotel’s strategies for monitoring and securing these devices to prevent data loss, theft and misuse. 

In this article, we’ll go over some of the many benefits of MDM for hotels.

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Benefits of Mobile Device Management for Hotels

MDM comes with a plethora of benefits that make the hotel experience easier and more enjoyable for both guests and staff.

Improve Guest Experience

Mobile devices can improve guest experience through features such as digital maps, mobile keys, mobile check-ins, virtual concierge and even smart elements to customize guests’ rooms. With a secure Wi-Fi network across the premises, MDM can keep your hotel at the top of the list when it comes to guest service and engagement. 

Better Security

Because hotels collect a ton of personal information, including guest names, phone numbers, room numbers and credit card information, it’s critical to keep that data safe. With a well-planned MDM strategy that includes cloud storage, hotels can ensure this type of data stays secure.

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Alongside cloud storage, monitoring devices and tracking who has which device and what they can access at any point also bolster accountability. These abilities don’t simply add a layer of security, as vital as that is. With them, you can keep tabs on which device needs charging, returning or repairing. 

Application Control

MDM also allows you to automate updates and sync devices to keep programs uniform. This also ensures your devices/systems are up to date and work properly across the board.

Lower Costs

Hotel MDM can also mean more money in your wallet. With greater efficiency and fewer tech and security issues, a strategic MDM plan can significantly reduce costs for hotels. 

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Keep Your Hotel Secure — Connect With CMIT Solutions of Bothell

If you work in the hotel industry, you know how important it is to safeguard your guests’ data. Regardless of your methods or whether you implement an MDM plan, you don’t want to worry constantly about cybersecurity risks.

Working with professionals like us at CMIT Solutions of Bothell streamlines your cybersecurity process and keeps your business ahead of the curve in terms of data protection. 

At CMIT Solutions of Bothell, we have years of experience with a variety of professional industries, each with its own unique needs and goals. Hospitality happens to be one of our specialities.

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