IT Support for Architecture Firms


Implement a seamless IT infrastructure in your firm.

Having access to high-quality IT support is crucial for architecture firms. Working with a team like CMIT Solutions allows you to get customized support that is essential for your business, especially when it comes to safeguarding private data. We have extensive knowledge not only about what it takes to protect your company and prevent potential threats but also about what software solutions would be ideal for your staff. We are aware of the latest software technology in the industry, helping you continuously thrive ahead of your competitors.

CMIT Solutions has a vast array of expertise working with clients in the architecture industry, so we know what it takes to meet high standards. We can design and implement personalized IT infrastructure at your architecture firm, giving you access to the latest software and hardware solutions along with other technology that will help you keep your clients and employees happy.

We can also show you how to effectively operate and manage your technology during daily operations, easing the transition into using the new setup. The sooner everyone understands the ins and outs, the better it will be for everyone using it.

Network Monitoring and Maintenance

Don’t worry: your employees won’t have to handle everything on their own. The CMIT Solutions team is available for network monitoring and maintenance, helping you keep an eye out for potential cyber threats and software issues while also providing effective solutions when needed.

Our proactive monitoring sets your employees up to be more productive, allowing them to focus on the company’s needs, clients, and daily functions rather than constantly having to monitor the network and diagnose any potential issues that arise. Increased productivity could easily lead to more clients and higher profits. We also ensure that all software used at your architecture firm is up-to-date, delivering increased protection against potential issues as they develop.

IT Support/Help Desk

CMIT Solutions offers an IT support/help desk option available every day of the year, around the clock. We monitor your network when you can’t, even outside of business hours. If you have a problem, contact us right away, and we’ll get started on finding a timely solution so you can get back to work fast.


Architecture firms are responsible for protecting private client files and plans. It can seem like an overwhelming task, especially in the age of a near-constant barrage of cyber threats.

CMIT Solutions can offer cybersecurity solutions that are ideal for your architecture firm, helping to protect sensitive information in the process. It’s undoubtedly something your clients and employees will appreciate, especially for the most hush-hush projects.

Cloud-based Solutions

Each project at your architecture firm likely involves a significant amount of confidential information that absolutely cannot end up in unauthorized hands. CMIT Solutions provides cloud-based solutions to companies like yours, allowing you to store data off-site where it’s highly protected yet easily accessible by those granted access to it. This can especially be vital in the event of an outage or data breach where efficient recovery services are paramount. Let us know your needs, and we can assist you with choosing the best cloud-based options for your architecture firm.

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