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The importance of IT support in the banking industry.

Security protocols are critical for financial institutions in today’s ever-changing digital society. There has never been such urgency and need for IT solutions to protect financial institutions and transactions from cybercriminals and bad actors.

As hackers have become more skilled with cyberattacks, the banking industry must employ new, more sophisticated means to protect customers’ personally identifiable information, vital documents, critical assets, and money. The following information highlights the importance of IT support for banks, the benefits of managed IT services, how to protect data from cyberattacks, compliance-based security practices, and how CMIT Solutions can help.

Emerging digital and networking banking technology continues to transform the banking industry. However, transitioning to the digital age exposes financial service providers to cyber threats and hacking vulnerabilities. Take a look at these critical reasons to integrate banking IT services to protect critical financial records and client assets.

Online Banking Security

Financial institutions obtain, record, and store incredibly sensitive data. If they fall into the wrong hands, results can be disastrous. Banks must implement strict network management protocols and security policies to ensure their systems aren’t compromised.

We provide a range of security protocols and layered systems to protect sensitive banking information. Our IT professionals are always on hand to monitor and patch any security lapses, site malfunctions, or targeted attacks.

Global Financing

The financial industry is ever evolving as it becomes more global, with systems that allow customers to conduct transactions all around the world. IT innovation allows financial service providers to gather critical data to ensure customers receive the best advice and services possible.

Customer Interaction

IT support allows banking systems to interact and securely engage with customers on social media and online banking platforms. Our IT solutions enable financial systems to provide a seamless customer experience and gain an edge over the competition without compromising security. We help you give your customers a satisfying online experience while ensuring all communication is encrypted.

Let CMIT be your trusted partner.

At CMIT Solutions, we are more than just a managed services provider. We provide businesses with critical IT solutions to solve short-term cyber problems while planning for long-term success. We understand one size does not fit all. Our IT support solutions are designed as modular offerings to provide expert guidance to meet your business's IT needs. Let CMIT Solutions be your trusted partner.

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How managed IT services benefit banks.

Managed service providers ensure a seamless workflow for banking institutions while catering to their specific needs. Some benefits of incorporating managed IT services in the banking industry include:

Adopting the latest technology.

Managed IT services protect financial systems from cyber threats by adopting the latest relevant technologies. Our services help financial institutions stay ahead of market disruptions while meeting evolving customer demand.

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Addressing poorly performing and compromised financial systems.

Our managed IT service systems identify underperforming banking systems and implement remedial measures to promote agile and high-end performance.

Cloud Migration

Managed IT services are critical for supporting banking systems with strategic cloud migration to optimize infrastructure, enhance data security, and improve access to financial systems for employers and customers.

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Tailored Service Architecture

Managed IT services can develop banking architecture customized to each financial institution’s internal infrastructure. Designed services may handle cost control, risk mitigation, and new policies and systems to enhance customer service.

Protect customer data from breaches and cyberattacks.

Cybercriminals can exploit customer data for nefarious purposes, including financial fraud, identity theft, and espionage. We recommend financial institutions practice these important foundational cybersecurity solutions to protect customer data:

  • Update software: All banking institutions should update their software, applications, operating systems, and firmware regularly, patching all critical vulnerabilities on internet-facing servers promptly.
  • Conduct regular vulnerability scanning: Identify and address critical system vulnerabilities as they arise, especially those compromising internet-facing devices. An IT support team can assess critical infrastructure to identify and minimize exposure to cyber threats.
  • Apply multi-factor authentication (MFA): This cybersecurity technique adds an extra authentication step requiring users to prove their identity when logging into sensitive banking systems or networks.
  • Require strong passwords: Passwords should be longer than 15 characters and contain special characters. We also recommend creating unique passwords for each account.
  • Reduce the risk of phishing attacks: Teach employees and customers to identify and report suspicious activity (phishing) or similar cyber threats on their systems.

Compliance-Based Security Practices

Without proper cybersecurity protocols, customers’ personally identifiable information and other financial records may be vulnerable to data breaches. Top compliance-based bank security services include:

  • Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication Customer Security Program (SWIFT CSP): Ensures proper incident response, access management, and data security protocols.
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS): Ensures that all banking systems storing, processing, or transmitting cardholder data maintain a secure environment.
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA): Requires U.S. financial institutions to establish strict data access policies and provide full transparency to customers on how banks store, process, and secure data.
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA): Oversees all U.S.-based broker-dealer firms, trade of financial assets, and registered brokers.

Secure Infrastructure with 24/7 Support

For all financial institutions and other service providers, 24/7 IT support is critical. CMIT Solutions provides the networking solution all businesses need when bad things happen, including computer crashes, ransomware infections, network connectivity issues, or simple human errors.

Our 24/7 IT support allows clients to reach us through chat-based desk services to provide instant advice on simple and complex requests. Our email support system assists when clients need it the most, and our automated messaging system provides transparency and timely incident resolution to all client queries.

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Consistent delivery of service and minimal downtime.

CMIT Solutions provides businesses with access to immediate, dedicated support whenever IT-related issues arise. Time is critical after a cyber incident. Every minute of delayed response exposes your business to more widespread damage.

Our IT support team provides in-house and on-demand help desk assistance. We deliver fast and effective IT support solutions to get your business back to work with minimal interruptions.

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