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Why CMIT Solutions should be your trusted partner.

Charitable organizations have some major goals they need to aim for, ranging from how much money they bring in every year to how many people benefit from their specific services. Some may not realize just how vital IT support is to their day-to-day functioning. CMIT Solutions offers IT support for charities, allowing them to efficiently serve their demographic while also setting up processes that work best for employees. We also offer a range of IT services for our clients that allow us to cater to businesses in a range of industries, including charitable organizations, and serve their needs.

We are up to date on all the latest compliance laws, technologies, processes, and procedures. Our team stays informed about potential threats so we can better protect you and your data. Intentional and unintentional issues could pop up any day at any time, so being prepared is a must, especially for charitable organizations that rely heavily on trust and transparency.

Comprehensive IT Services

Some services we provide include:

  • Network management
  • Data backup
  • Cloud services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software installation
  • Monitoring
  • IT support
  • Procurement

Cybersecurity Protection

Cybersecurity is a must in today’s world. Attacks are a very real threat, and they happen every day, but the CMIT Solutions team can use its extensive collective knowledge to help protect your charitable organization as much as possible.

Live threat monitoring and automated alerts are two of the primary ways we stay on top of issues that put your charity and its personal information at risk. They allow us to combat possible and certain threats sooner rather than later, helping to limit potential damage. We know how important correspondence is to charitable organizations, which is why we offer anti-phishing solutions. We know mistakes like clicking on a seemingly harmless link in a phishing email can happen, but that shouldn’t cause a disastrous threat to the organization.

Those are only some of the cybersecurity options we offer. Our team can do an assessment to see what holes exist that put your charitable organization at risk and let you know what we can do to fix them.

Secure Smartphone

Cloud Services

There are many reasons why a charitable organization should use cloud services. For example, it can store business documents and data, such as contribution info, all in one place so that it’s available to whoever has authorized access. The information is accessible while in the office, at home or on the go, so even remote workers can easily find what they need. There’s exceptional protection guarding the information, so you never have to worry if the security is advanced or up to date enough.

Network Management

Network management is essentially a comprehensive term for ensuring the stability, quality and security of an organization’s network. Charitable organizations are already working with limited funds they need to carefully manage. Having a comprehensive network management plan that offers protection against and solutions for the unexpected (like outages) can be hugely beneficial. We can also provide options that can increase productivity, such as software updates that give you a network that works for you, allows you to function more efficiently and focus on your main objective of helping others.

This can include everything from soliciting donations to making a plan for properly allocating those funds for their best use. While there are no guarantees, donors may be more willing to contribute when they know their private details are protected. No one wants to unnecessarily put their personal information at risk, even if it’s for a good cause.

Data Backup

Charitable organizations need to answer for every dollar that goes in and out, and part of that includes meticulous records with nothing falling through the cracks. Data backup can help, and it provides time-stamping, so there are never any questions about what was done and when.

This is especially important if an unexpected incident occurs, whether it’s internal or external unauthorized access or something like a natural disaster. Frequent data backups ensure you have the most recent data available without any concern about a significant loss of information.


Charitable organizations have major legal guidelines and privacy laws they need to adhere to with no slacking of compliance with these stipulations. They’re responsible not only for protecting themselves but also the donors, employees, and the demographic they serve.

Our CMIT Solutions team is up to date on all the latest laws and regulations for charitable organizations, so you won’t have to worry about compliance issues regarding the government or any other entity. You can rest assured we’re properly taking care of everything.

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While your mission is making a difference by helping serve a particular demographic, ours is assisting you and ensuring your organization is protected. Contact CMIT Solutions if you are a charitable organization needing high-quality IT support. We can establish a customized plan that perfectly complements your charity and its needs.

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