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Benefits of Managed IT Support

If you are in the insurance business, you know the main thing you’re selling is a reduction of risk. With cyber risks, the same principles are at play. Your main goal with quality IT management is to keep your agency from becoming the next major target.

Why would that matter? After all, what could a hacker have to gain from going after an insurance agency? Unfortunately, there is an abundance of information in the insurance industry that hackers would love to get their hands on. If they can acquire your customer list, they could learn plenty about their next potential victims.

Whether they go after your customers’ online identities or use new-school methods to commit old-school crimes, such as breaking into a vehicle you’ve insured by hacking the car’s system. Regardless of the threat, if they can find a vulnerability in your cloud security, they will try to exploit it.

One thing to note about hackers is that they are smart but lazy. They don’t want to spend any more time than necessary trying to make money. If they are unable to hack your system within a few attempts, they will move on to an easier target.

That’s where quality technology services come into the equation. We understand how hackers think and where they are most likely to attack. If there is an easy vulnerability in your network or a spot where technology errors are common, that is where a hacker will attempt their attack. CMIT Solutions helps close off those vulnerabilities and takes a proactive approach to your cloud security, keeping your important information well-protected.

Streamline Your Business

Your job is helping your customers minimize their risk and being there for them when unforeseen events happen. Similarly, we take care of the cyber risks that come with running a business so you can focus on what your company does best.

The fact is, it’s neither economical nor practical for most insurance companies to employ a full-time worker dedicated to IT management. But outside threats are a constant concern and it takes someone whose job it is to monitor those impending threats and prevent them from impacting your business.

With our client experience and expertise, we know how to stay one step ahead of hackers and provide valuable advice to insurance companies.

Improve Your Security

Hackers are always changing up their strategies, so we’re always changing with them. CMIT Solutions will look at your cloud services the way a hacker would and figures out where there are vulnerabilities. The reality is that most companies suffer security breaches due to a weakness in the network.

With constant monitoring from CMIT Solutions, we can cease the first few security breach attempts before the hacker will choose to move on. Most hackers have no interest in going with their fifth or sixth plan as they would rather move on to an easier target. That is part of our strategy: to make the effort cost of a security breach outweigh the benefits.

Reduce Downtime

Most people are not computer experts. Over time, they’ll make mistakes that can cause a computer to crash, freeze, become vulnerable to an attack, or otherwise become a liability.

IT consulting can reduce that downtime. CMIT Solutions can monitor your network and spot a problem when it occurs, before providing real-time solutions. When you have an expert ready to fix mistakes, it’s much harder for technology errors to knock your team offline.

Stay Compliant

When customers hand over personal information, they trust your business to keep it safe from nefarious actors. CMIT Solutions is here to help make sure your business is compliant with all security regulations that keep important data safe.

If you need to implement a new aspect of cloud security, we will make sure it’s in place. If a breach happens to a competitor, we help shore up your network, ensuring the same thing doesn’t happen to your business. Protecting important data should be your business’s top priority and CMIT Solutions can help with that.

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