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IT Support Services for Startup Businesses


Ask any experienced business owner and one of the first things they’ll tell you from their earliest days is that it’s amazing how much they didn’t know back then. Unfortunately, proper IT support for your business network isn’t something startup companies have time to figure out with trial and error. Any mistake or vulnerability in your network connectivity opens the door for cybercriminals to attack, which can cause technical issues and undermine consumer trust in your business.

Managed IT services offer a real solution by putting an experienced team in charge of efficient IT operations. With the right team, you can trust that your technology infrastructure is well protected, no matter the size of your startup. Here are a few benefits to putting a good IT service team in place from day one.

Growing your business the right way

As a new business owner, you’ll discover plenty in your first few years in business. Some of it will seem familiar, and other concepts will be more surprising. But in any field, you’ll have a lot of new experiences to teach you how to manage your business. It’s hard to learn these lessons if you’re spending time worrying about external threats, which makes IT support a necessity. Cybercriminals often target newer businesses. Firstly, a newer business likely has never faced a cyberattack before and may be unprepared. Secondly, cybercriminals assume a smaller business may have fewer resources to devote to their cybersecurity, so their systems may be easier to exploit.

By working with an experienced, trusted team, you can discover where you’re most vulnerable and educate your staff on how to identify phishing attacks. This allows you to put out fires elsewhere and focus on building your business.

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Reliable 24-Hour Support

Even the best proactive solution can still have vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals keep changing strategies until they find what works, and that doesn’t even touch the possibility of user error. All it takes is an employee hastily clicking on a link in a phishing email and a business is at risk. If the network does go down for this reason or another issue, data is backed up safe and separate from the network. Rapid response times are vital to keep data safe and to mitigate cyberthreats quickly. An experienced tech support team understands that and provides quick assistance whenever needed.

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Comprehensive IT Services

No matter what kind of business you’re running or where you’re at in the growth process, there’s a lot that an IT team can do for you. Here are a few things you can expect:

  • IT Procurement Services: One of the hardest decisions for a new business is figuring out what hardware and equipment will work best for their company. An experienced IT support team can take all the guesswork out of choosing technology vendors, thanks to their wealth of experience. CMIT Solutions can lay out the options, negotiate the purchasing contracts and confirm you get the quality you pay for.
  • Cybersecurity Support: Threats are always changing, and your business needs to change with them. A good IT team will constantly try proactive solutions to see if the latest threats can actually penetrate your network. Good IT teams aren’t just reactive – they’re proactive. CMIT Solutions will perform cybersecurity assessments to determine that health of your system before you’re attacked. Our experts think like cybercriminals and try the attacks they might use in a controlled setting so that if there is a vulnerability, your IT experts can patch it right away.
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  • Cloud Support: Migrating to the cloud can minimize the need for hard documentation of sensitive materials — as long as the information is well-protected. With proper cloud support, you and your employees will know how to move files and documents to the cloud and have them password-protected so you can access them and others cannot.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Disaster recovery is, unfortunately, far too common in today’s world. There is always a possibility data recovery will need to occur in the office, either from user error or an external threat. A good IT team will be able to assist immediately with data recovery so your business can retrieve all lost information back in such a situation. The importance of data backup services can help make the data recovery process quick and efficient. Make sure your business is prepared.
  • Network Management: If the server has poor surveillance or systems contain outdated antivirus protection, the right IT team can help address these and other threats before they have a chance to corrupt the network.

Given everything that an experienced IT support team at CMIT Solutions can provide at an affordable rate, there’s no reason for a startup to try to go it alone.

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Local and remote support

IT support experts can provide local and remote support, depending on the situation and what’s called for. In cases of hardware repair or complex network configurations, an in-person IT expert may make more sense since the solution is more hands-on. Having someone just a phone call away makes a huge difference when you’re trying to address a threat immediately and the operations halt at your office.

On the other hand, sometimes you might need support with your software in the middle of the night when local technicians aren’t as readily available. This is where remote assistance can help. CMIT Solutions offers 24/7 remote support when an issue like this occurs so that these threats get addressed instantly, giving attackers no window to exploit a vulnerability. The best way to stop an attack is to never let it start, but the second-best way is to quickly respond when an attack occurs. Having both local and remote support makes that possible.

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