Why choose CMIT Solutions as your company’s MSP.

IT Staffing on Demand

Even if your IT demands aren’t continuous full-time employment, CMIT Solutions give access to competent IT experts that you’d otherwise have to recruit as full-time employees. We have experience in many technologies and suppliers and are constantly training on new technologies. CMIT Solutions give support hours depending on your SLA MSP, which maybe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: something you can only do in-house with numerous personnel that work shifts or are constantly on call. Your small firm will profit from having these specialists available on-demand without having to pay for their whole time and benefits package.


Adopt New Technology More Rapidly

Small firms that attempt to handle all of their IT in-house have many challenges when it comes to implementing speedier, more efficient IT solutions. Steep learning curves, sunk capital expenditures for on-premise equipment and costly migration efforts, and the effort to examine the available solutions are just a few of the obstacles.

CMIT Solutions investigate and assess new vendors, hardware, and software applications to discover cost-effective solutions that bring additional value to their customers. By providing infrastructure as a service, managing licensing deals, training your staff, and providing business insights through reporting, We can help you make informed decisions about which solutions make sense for your business objectives.


Your day-to-day IT administration may be outsourced.


How much more money would you make if your personnel were able to concentrate on strategic initiatives rather than routine maintenance? CMIT Solutions add expertise, efficiency, and scalability to the day-to-day management of IT needs. Because of their business strategy, which involves helping other companies like yours, they can afford to offer more comprehensive help desk ticketing systems, rapid replies, and analysis tools that individual small firms could not afford on their own. We work as an extension of your company, keeping your infrastructure and computers up and running with little downtime.


Enhanced Safety



Large firms can afford to hire full-time cybersecurity and security patching teams to detect dangers, prevent cyber assaults and maintain your systems and apps patched. Small firms don’t have this luxury, therefore we ‘CMIT Solutions’ are present for help. To keep your organization safe from malware, viruses, and hackers, we remain up to current on emerging threats, monitor application and hardware suppliers’ patch release cycles, update antivirus software, and improve network security settings. Fewer assaults and infections imply reduced downtime for your company, more client trust, and fewer late-night problems for you.


Disaster Recovery and Backup


By offering backup and restoration services as well as Disaster Recovery planning, we provide your company peace of mind. Although you hope that your company would never need to use its Disaster Recovery plan, many unanticipated circumstances are beyond your control. CMIT Solutions provide expertise and training to ensure that your company is prepared and up and running as soon as feasible.

Here are some of the key advantages of working with CMIT Solutions.

IT Operations That Are More Efficient, Reliable, and Scalable



A reliable MSP like CMIT Solutions can drastically increase the effectiveness of your company’s entire IT operations thanks to its skilled and proven employees and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure. We can give your organization a broad range of IT alternatives that are also scalable to fulfill growth-related demands, thanks to our emphasis on and competence with cloud-based services. In a nutshell, we can advise and execute the precise IT services that your organization will need now and in the future.

We also provide a Help Desk service, boosting the dependability of your company’s IT operations. When compared to waiting for support from overcrowded in-house IT resources, employees will notice a significant improvement in IT issue response.

Performance Monitoring is an essential service that we give to optimize IT operations. CMIT Solutions will proactively maintain and control the functioning of your IT network using a high-end firewall, agents, and other technologies. We will be able to detect when your IT performance is being harmed or may be harmed shortly, resulting in negative consequences. For example, will instantly notice if your internet is sluggish or unavailable, and will take the required measures to rectify the problem as soon as possible to minimize any interruption to your activities.


Substantial IT cost savings and inventory management/budgeting improvements


Importantly, by lowering IT infrastructure and maintenance expenses as well as eliminating or reducing specialized IT personnel resources, your company typically saves money on IT MSP in the short and long term. Your firm will be able to better manage its total IT inventory management and estimate and create accurate monthly and yearly IT budgets if you employ CMIT Solutions that provides flat cost plans.


Dedicated resources are freed up, and assistance with strategy is provided.


You may reassign dedicated IT and other personnel to carry out the many different duties your business needs with the help of dependable CMIT Solutions. Our expert firm may more successfully plan how to use your IT assets to meet your business objectives with CMIT Solutions as your IT partner and adviser. Our demonstrated knowledge can assist you in determining the most efficient use of technology while staying within your economic constraints.

CMIT Solutions for Businesses


Since 1996, CMIT Solutions has provided expert IT support to companies. We strive to provide Enterprise-level services and solutions to our clients at small-business-friendly prices.

We’ve developed best practices and workflow protocols based on a proactive mindset that keeps your emphasis on your company, not your technology, thanks to time and expertise.

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