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Bring Your Team Together

The ability to harness multiple channels of communication—voice, video, chat, messaging, and file collaboration—allows your business to work quickly and efficiently while also raising employee morale.

Stay Connected, No Matter What

Remote work is a critical part of today’s business success. But hybrid solutions aren’t one size fits all. Here’s how CMIT Solutions can help:

Right-Sized Solutions

We don’t push a particular platform or tool on anyone. Instead, we work with you to customize unified communications solutions so that you and your hybrid workforce can find the best fit for the business needs of today and tomorrow.

Login Security

Before anyone signs in to communications apps, make sure multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) are in place. This provides each team member with a unified digital identity to securely access every portal and app.

Automated Protection

Unsure whether security settings apply across office, home, and personal devices? The centralized deployment of security patches and software updates ensures that every business system is up-to-date and protected from cyberthreats.

All-in-One Encryption

Full disk encryption secures data at rest (when it’s being stored in the office and at home) and in transit (when it’s being sent back and forth between networks and cloud storage). This prevents malicious access from hackers and bad actors.

Secure Connections

True hybrid work requires the secure storage of and streamlined access to data stored in multiple locations. The safest way to provide that is via virtual private networks, which shield Internet traffic from malicious third parties and strictly regulate remote access.

Cross-Platform Support

Whether your company uses Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Slack, WebEx Connect, or any other video conferencing tool, CMIT Solutions can help with installation, deployment, testing, maintenance, and support.

Best-in-Class Communication Services

Cloud conferencing solutions are a dime a dozen. We provide the best choice to keep you connected.

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Streamline your communications

With so many ways to communicate these days, it’s easy to see how vital messages get lost along the way. Effective communication within a business is crucial for success. CMIT Solutions can help streamline your communication processes to allow for increased productivity and collaboration, technological compatibility, and greater user accessibility, so your team always gets the information they need to succeed.

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Stay connected from anywhere

The office is no longer the only place where the job gets done. With the growth of remote and hybrid work, employees have expanded their list of productive places from which to work. Through the use of apps such as Teams, Zoom, Slack, and more, businesses can assemble their teams from all over. Here or there, near or far, CMIT Solutions will keep your team connected!

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Communicate Without Barriers

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Communicate Without Barriers

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Expert Assistance, Affordable Support

Give your employees the solutions they deserve with reliable unified communications.

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Cloud-based architecture

Many businesses fear the cloud when instead they can leverage it for a competitive advantage. CMIT Solutions assesses your existing situation, tests communications integrations, monitors and manages remote machines, enhances file security, and automates onboarding and offboarding so everyone is on the same page (remotely or in person).

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Employee training and education

With the right guidance, your employees can serve as the first line of cybersecurity defense as they use unified communications tools. Train your staff to spot phishing messages and avoid falling for social engineering scams on Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more (yes, it’s more common than you think).

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The Future Is Here. Are You Ready?

Hybrid workforce solutions to bring your team together.

VoIP Services

VoIP technology enables traditional telephony services to operate over computer networks, helping you save money on communications services.

Video Conferencing

This interactive form of communication is critical in today’s office, allowing teams to see and hear each other, write collaborative messages, and share screen content.

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We Can Help

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Unified Communications Are Just the Start

Pair your hybrid work solutions with bread-and-butter IT services like data backup and proactive monitoring to build a comprehensive technology solution.