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Prevent Complex Email Threats with AI and Domain Fraud Technology

Prevent advanced email threats, such as ransomware and email impersonation, with an AI and domain fraud technology, securing all points of risk—not just the email gateway.

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Cybersecurity Best Practices for Today’s Businesses

The last few years have been one of digital transformation for businesses of all sizes. CMIT franchises have helped their clients navigate these changes.

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Why Humans Create Security Risks

Your business could be one accidental click away from a devastating data breach, but with the right education in place, your employees can be transformed from liabilities into assets in your battle against cyberattacks.

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What You Can Do to Protect Yourself in This Cybercrime Landscape

What every employee must know about the top two cyber attack methods for small businesses, and their role in protecting the company.

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Combatting the Ransomware Epidemic

The impact of Ransomware is widespread costing SMBs $75 Billion a year and hits every industry. 94% of people can’t distinguish between a real email and a phishing email.

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Business Continuity Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Ensure attackers don’t have leverage over your business by learning about Intelligent Business Continuity and how a true virtualized production environment works.

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