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IT Support Services For Financing

CMIT Solutions brings better performance at predictable costs!

Offering Better Performance & Metrics To Tempe Businesses

CMIT Solutions uses a subscription model for all businesses, be it in North Chandler or elsewhere. At a monthly flat rate, you get all-inclusive IT support for your data, network, staff, and systems. We also have the bandwidth to deliver additional services.

We do it while keeping within your budget and accomplishing your business goals. For instance, by leasing hardware, software, and more each month, we reduce your capital expense drastically.

It is not just your finances that we keep in mind. We improve your performance and have the metrics to prove it. CMIT Solutions offers both detailed and summarized metric reports each month. They encompass each element, from total user support tickets to machine issues.

We leverage an administration tool that helps us drill down your operations and optimize them for better results. We can also plan for future growth by handling three or five-year cycle expenses.

Need to adhere to regulatory or compliance requirements? Let us know!

You make a list. We give you a budget estimate. Together we move forward. All it takes is 30 mins!

Every IT Service A Business Requires

CMIT Solutions serves businesses of every size. From two-member teams to large organizations. And that lends us a huge advantage. We’re equipped to support you with every IT service a business may need.

We Procure

Keeping your finances in mind, we procure all IT equipment a business may need, whether software or hardware.

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We Are Everywhere

Because we are spread across North America, we offer complete IT support no matter where your office is located. ​

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We Have Cloud Solutions

Our cloud solutions give you access to all emails, files and documents remotely – a plus for multi-location businesses.

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We Secure

We keep your data behind a firewall. We monitor it and your network to ensure complete security with better productivity.

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We Backup

Business data needs regular backups. We make sure to save your data routinely and recover it when necessary.

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We Support

Our IT support services are available round the clock because we know a business never sleeps.

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We Manage Prints

Using an intelligent and permission-based solution, we deliver print management solutions for all.

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We Handle Devices

Every gadget your team relies on, we can manage without a glitch so that you are up and running at all times.

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Reliable IT support is just a call away!

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CMIT Solutions - Tempe

Phone number 1.602.877.9495
Address 64 E Broadway Rd.
Suite 200
Tempe, AZ 85282

Providing IT Services and Support for Tempe and North Chandler, AZ
and surrounding areas of Guadalupe including:

85287 85284 85283 85282 85281 85226 85225 85224


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