5 New Year’s Tech Resolutions for 2022

The new year is here, along with all the resolutions and big decisions that come with it. And technology plays a part in many of them. Maybe you’re focusing on a new health or wellness app. Maybe you’re trying to better manage your screen time. Maybe you’re finally going to organize your email inbox (seriously, this is the year).

Technology is intertwined with countless other concerns that go beyond personal improvement. A more organized and efficient workplace can help you hit the ground running this week when inspiration and motivation are at their highest. Enhanced data protection can keep your company’s day-to-day operations humming in January—and all year long. And individual knowledge about the threats that pop up in everyday places can help your business build a true culture of cybersecurity.

What better time to assess these tech resolutions than the first week of the new year?

New Year’s Tech Resolution #1: Protect your data. True cybersecurity requires multiple layers of protection and diverse approaches to different types of threats. But it starts with comprehensive data protection—in the office, at home, on every device used by your business, and even as information is being transmitted across networks and to and from the cloud. This critical attention to data security can pay dividends in countless scenarios: before the arrival of a major hurricane, during a power outage caused by a natural disaster, or after a ransomware attack.

New Year’s Tech Resolution #2: Consider necessary infrastructure updates.  Whether you take action now or make a plan to address equipment needs throughout 2022, just taking a step is important. Pay particular attention to any equipment running outdated operating systems (like Windows 7) or legacy applications. Aging servers should also not be neglected, as downtime on such business-critical machinery can impact business operations. Outdated mobile devices also provide easy targets for hackers. Even Wi-Fi routers and printers deserve attention.

New Year’s Tech Resolution #3: Give your inbox some love. Maybe you subscribe to the simple principle of Inbox Zero. Maybe you like to use an elaborate flag-and-filter system. Or maybe you’re just dealing with the chaos of an overstuffed inbox and deal with things when you can. No matter what, if you have an email strategy that works for you, make it easy to stick with. The first week of the new year is the best time to try and make it become second nature.

New Year’s Tech Resolution #4: Beware of scams that arrive via email, text, and phone.  Yes, these are proliferating like never before—fake emails about shipping notifications, text messages advertising free gift cards, and phone calls about extending your auto warranty. Hackers flood such channels with scam attempts for a reason: all it takes is one person to fall for it to make the whole thing financially advantageous. Do your part and be vigilant for any communication that looks suspicious or urges you to take action immediately. Do not click links that look unfamiliar or open unexpected attachments in emails. And don’t fall for too-good-to-be-true offers.

New Year’s Tech Resolution #5: Consider the big cybersecurity picture every day. This resolution comes last on the list—but only because it’s the one that needs to be extended across every day, week, and month of the year. When you make strategic decisions about technology for your business, make sure they align with a comprehensive security approach. When you consider day-to-day tactics like patch management and threat monitoring, make sure they roll up to that same comprehensive approach. When these considerations inform every business decision, the culture of your company starts to change. Pair that with multiple layers of cybersecurity and a trusted IT partner who can help you execute the plan and you’re moving toward true business success.

Want to leverage the inspiration and motivation of a new year to help your business thrive throughout the year? Contact CMIT Solutions today. We take cybersecurity seriously, day in and day out, defending your data and empowering your employees to work smarter than ever before. We wish you and your business success in 2022.

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