CMIT Solutions’ Most Popular 2013 QuickTips


The new year is nearly upon us. But before we usher in 2014 and wave goodbye to 2013, we thought we’d take a look back at the most popular QuickTips topics of the last 12 months. CMIT Solutions wishes everyone a happy, safe, and productive new year—see you in 2014!

5 Ways to Keep Your Computer Safe from CryptoLocker Ransomware Virus. CryptoLocker, a new “ransomware” virus, began making the rounds several months ago. But a particularly virulent strain of the infection popped up in mid-September, affecting individuals and business owners alike…(Read more here and here)

10 Tips, Tricks, Apps, and Add-Ins to Supercharge Microsoft Word. In the word processing world, Microsoft Word is the platinum standard. As recently as April 2013, analyst and consulting firm Gartner estimated that Microsoft Office, the software suite in which Word comes packaged, still claims 80 to 96% of worldwide user share…(Read more)

New Healthcare Rule Goes into Effect on October 1st (Minus the Penalty). With new HIPAA regulations going into effect on Sep. 23, and the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” beginning its official rollout on Oct. 1, the healthcare landscape has never looked more confusing. Two recent polls…(Read more)

5 Steps to Avoid Getting Burned by Password Hacks. On Dec. 4, news reports emerged about nearly two million passwords for Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other popular web services being stolen over the last few months. CNN Money reported that…(Read more) 

Data Breach Affecting 840,000 Individuals Highlights Importance of Encryption. Another data disaster hit the news last week: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey had two Apple MacBook Pros containing personal information on nearly 840,000 subscribers stolen from its Newark, NJ, headquarters in November…(Read more)

5 Steps to Archive Emails and Keep Outlook Running Strong. Ever notice that your Microsoft Outlook account has slowed to a crawl? Basic email functions like Send/Receive acting a little funny? Consider checking the size of your mailbox. You might be shocked to discover just how bloated it is. For most versions…(Read more)

Top 10 Reasons Why Windows 8.1 Is Worth an Upgrade. On Oct. 17, one year after overhauling its flagship operating system (OS) with Windows 8, Microsoft will release Windows 8.1. For Windows 8 users, the upgrade will be free; new converts can buy it as a stand-alone product…(Read more)

Decoding New FAA Rules Regarding Electronic Device Use on Airlines. Oct. 31 marked a triumphant day for the travel and technology industries. That’s when the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) released new rules loosening prohibitions on airline passengers using personal electronic devices from “gate to gate”…(Read more) 

Looking to start the new year with a fresh focus on your business’s technological health? Call or email CMIT Solutions today!

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