CMIT Solutions of Long Island Will Show Off CMIT Impression Visual Collaboration at HIA-LI Trade Show

Our local owners on Long Island are preparing to wow as many as 4,500 business leaders this week at the island’s biggest trade show.
The occasion is the HIA-LI (formerly the Hauppauge Industrial Association) 24th Annual Business Trade Show and Conference. The centerpiece of the group’s display is CMIT Impression, our visual collaboration offering that incorporates a spectacular 55-inch, touch-optimized tablet. Impression, which we launched in December, is one of our most dynamic technology offerings, one that greatly expands small businesses’ ability to communicate with clients and each other.
The five Long Island owners, operating collectively as CMIT Solutions of Long Island, will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday at the Suffolk County Community College Sports and Exhibition Complex (Brentwood Campus).Screen shot 2012-05-22 at 3.41.05 PMCMIT Impression combines enterprise-class collaboration—including video conferencing, whiteboarding, and interactive presentations—with the giant tablet and a conferencing bridge that transcends operating systems. The bridge allows users to see each other, talk, share documents, and view presentations using any video platform from anywhere in the world.
The tablet is an object of fascination everywhere it goes. But CMIT Impression’s real benefits to business owners are its flexibility, user-friendliness, and ability to make travel unnecessary. That’s especially important on Long Island, where many businesses have either home or satellite offices in New York City—making travel to and from locations a time- and energy-sapping hassle even under the best of circumstances.
“It’s such a great offering for small businesses because it takes the place of so many huge expenditures,” says Armando D’Accordo, the Long Island area developer and owner of CMIT Solutions of South Nassau. “Travel costs a bundle and takes up time. Conference calls aren’t very effective, and video conferencing can be pretty spotty at the small business level. CMIT Impression solves all of those problems with visual collaboration designed especially for small businesses.”
In addition to D’Accordo, the local owners are Harun Hassouni, CMIT Solutions of North Nassau; Eric Heinicke, CMIT Solutions of North Central Suffolk; David Merkin, CMIT Solutions of Southwest Nassau; and Larry Schweitzer, CMIT Solutions of East and West Nassau.
CMIT Solutions of Long Island is preparing a demo to display the service and tablet’s capabilities, including a shared whiteboard, annotation, and document sharing, which allows multiple parties to share documents through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.
HIA-LI is Long Island’s biggest trade show, with nearly 400 exhibitors. As many as 4,000 business leaders use the show to network, scope out new businesses, and examine innovations. Even in a distinguished crowd, the CMIT Impression tablet stands out.
“People are attracted to it. We’ve seen that time and time again in shows we’ve done,” says Larry Schweitzer. “Anyone in the room can just go up to the whiteboard and write something on it instead of having to hunt around for a keyboard. That makes it very user-friendly.”To learn more about CMIT Impression, see

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