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CMIT Solutions Helps Protect One of the Biggest Beauty Brand Providers Against Cyber Threats

As cyber-attack rates continue to be a topic of national discussion, businesses in all industries are looking to trusted providers to tighten up their IT infrastructures, including one beauty industry powerhouse. Cosmetic Group USA, a cosmetics developer and manufacturer, reached out to CMIT Solutions in the Los Angeles and Irvine area to bolster their cybersecurity measures in a digital threat climate that is leaving many businesses vulnerable.

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FEATURED Compliance Can Actually Help Your Business

For many companies, compliance has always been a nuisance— an annoying and often frustrating box that needs to be checked or a list of demanding requirements that have to be understood and met. But compliance is now inextricably linked to cybersecurity, with new data security laws passing in multiple states and strengthened regulatory bodies keeping pace with heightened cyber criminal activity.

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It’s Time to Prepare Your Cybersecurity Checklist

Cybercriminals have stepped up their attacks over the past several years, both in frequency and complexity. As a result, companies of all sizes have fallen victim to expensive and devastating attacks. This means that businesses and other organizations should prioritize building a cybersecurity checklist and revisiting their incident response plans.

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