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CMIT Solutions Helps XpresSpa Group Expand Footprint

Effective IT support and adjusting IT strategies to accommodate for new locations and changing business needs are essential in any company’s ability to continually adapt. With its changing business model, XpresSpa Group, Inc. knew it needed an IT support partner to help increase the efficiency of their business.

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A Hybrid Work Model That Works for Everyone

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the day-to-day reality of work. Gone were long commutes and grueling hours at the office; in were virtual meetings, Zoom backgrounds, and increases in productivity as work was done from anywhere in the world. Now, thousands of office buildings have reopened, and millions of employees have begun returning to the desks they left back in 2020. But it’s clear that work has changed in significant ways.

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How Can You Elevate Your Presentation From So-so to Excellent—and How Can PowerPoint Help?

According to a 2018 Microsoft study, the average human being’s attention span is just eight seconds. Two decades ago, a similar study found that it was 12 seconds. That’s a precipitous drop— and the COVID-19 pandemic, along with all the attendant upheavals of the last few years, have probably shortened it even further.

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