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Many times, not understanding common security threats can leave you most vulnerable. As a leading provider of IT services, CMIT Solutions has many experts on what it means to have your technology secure. Bruce Newman, owner of CMIT Solutions of the Northeast Valley in Scottsdale, gives his perspective on the top five security threats for businesses.

The number one security issue according to Bruce is an internal threat. He testifies that unfortunately internal threats often happen by accident through email or Wi-Fi. Another threat to small businesses is business partners and third party operators. Like internal incidents, these threats are often not intentional but usually due to lack of education or awareness.

Though they may be accidental, these threats do not come without their external counterparts. These can be unsolicited emails with malicious and infected links and attachments among other things. Bruce Newman believes that implementing a company protocol is mandatory for keeping your businesses secure and important information safe

These protocols and policies must be comprehensive and reliable. Bruce believes that for these policies to be effective, they must be tested and re-tested to establish that they serve their purpose. In an emergency, these policies are important to be able to rely on.

Lastly, whether it is connected to an unsecure Wi-Fi or lost, your mobile device can pose as a security threat. Often employees are connected to email and the company server, allowing easy access to company information. Bruce believes that a good way to protect mobile devices is to require password protection.

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These best practices are just a few ways to protect your business from cyber crime. CMIT believes that a proactive approach is the best approach. At CMIT Solutions, we are dedicated to your security needs and protecting your business. If you want to know more about cyber threats and data security, contact CMIT Solutions today.

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