5 Tips for Maximizing Your Business’s New Work Computer

Some people look at a new work computer as a blessing to be embraced. Some look at it as a challenge to be dreaded. But whether you’re a business owner buying a new desktop, or an employee procuring a new laptop, think of your fresh machine as just that—the opportunity for a fresh start.

No more cluttered files on your home screen. No disorganized email inbox. No juggling multiple and often redundant programs. With a little motivation—and help from your trusted friends at CMIT Solutions—you can have your new machine running efficiently from the beginning, which can make you more productive in the end. Here are five tips for ensuring your critical business tool is working well for you:

Brand New Computer

1) Create and execute a data backup plan. Many small business owners consider data backup the last necessity on their list. But executing a sound plan from the get-go will ensure that the information most important to you will never get lost or compromised. And if you haven’t considered cloud-based online backups yet, now’s the time to let CMIT help you digitize your data storage plans.

2) Review data from your old machine—and then transfer it efficiently. Resist the impulse to transfer everything wholesale from your old machine to the new one. Instead, take some time to review and organize your information and then determine what’s imperative to transfer and what’s not. Once, you’ve done that, let CMIT Solutions help you determine the best method for transferring your data. Remember that your new machine represents the chance for a clean slate—don’t immediately clutter it up with old, unnecessary data.

3) Get to know your operating system, including seeking out training if necessary. With new computer purchases often come new operating systems. That can mean upgrading from one older version of Windows to a newer one or potentially even switching providers (going from Windows to Mac or vice versa). Learning a new operating system can be frustrating. But going into the process thinking of the challenge as a positive one can yield productive educational results.

4) Install some type of antivirus software. Yes, the debate between free vs. paid antivirus software rages on in the tech world. That’s why CMIT Solutions is here to help assess options so that your small business will be fully protected and regularly updated for the life of your machines. Installing antivirus software from the first boot-up of your new machine is crucial to system-wide smooth sailing.

5) Prioritize your programs. If, like most small businesses, your company relies on Microsoft Office, make sure that’s installed first. If you’re a heavy email user, consider a premium service like Microsoft Outlook or Entourage—or even a third-party program like Mozilla Thunderbird or Opera. Then, depending on your field of expertise, assess your needs for extra software like Adobe Creative Suite, Quickbooks, or other popular programs.

Whether you view the prospect of getting a new computer with enthusiasm or trepidation, your trusted friends at CMIT Solutions can help you get your system running smoothly and working hard for years to come. Call your local CMIT representative today for help purchasing and setting up your new computer.


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