How Mobile Point-of-Sale (POS) Systems Can Improve Your Business

For many businesses, the days of the cash register and centralized checkout are over. Today, grocery store customers can scan items as they place them in their carts. Restaurant servers can run credit cards right at the table. Salespeople who are constantly in the field can process payments on their mobile devices.

So how can mobile point-of-sale systems help your business?

Here Are Three Simple Ways:

1) Ensure the accuracy of orders. The most obvious advantage comes from ensuring the accuracy of orders. Working in the field with a client to finalize a deal? Pull up the invoice on your smartphone or tablet and each party can double-check the details together. Then, an email confirmation of the invoice can be sent on the spot—and you can check that your customer received it before shaking hands and moving on to the next account. This is a great example of technology actually allowing business owners and clients to connect on a more personal level.

2) Improve productivity and lower labor costs. Let’s say a normal shift at your business consists of three salespersons and a cashier on duty. Replacing your centralized checkout with a mobile POS system can eliminate the need for that dedicated employee, saving on labor costs, empowering salespersons to own their transactions from beginning to end, and reducing crossed wires that often occur when a deal is handed from one worker to another. This can also improve customer service by reducing wait times and enhancing personalized interaction, which in turn builds brand loyalty.

3) Reduce unnecessary paperwork. If piles of paperwork drive you crazy, mobile POS systems are your new best friend. Rather than writing invoices or printing copies that require constant supply expenditures, switching to a digital cloud-based system that immediately inputs data can improve the speed, ease, and cost with which your business operates. Easily collected customer information can also lead to more targeted marketing efforts and personalized offers in the future. And constantly updated inventory can save on ordering costs, ensure proper stock, and eliminate inefficiencies.

Much like how online shopping has revolutionized the retail marketplace, POS mobility will permanently alter a customer’s expectation of the checkout process. The farther your business leads from this front, the faster your business can achieve increased efficiency and improved customer service.

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