IT Solutions Support from CMIT Solutions of Erie Transforms Mental Health Agency’s Technology

Beth Burnside and team turn technology tar pit into a smoothly running machineLuAnn Gossett used to consider computers a necessary evil.
As administrative assistant for the Mental Health Association of Northwestern PA, Gossett spent about 30% of her time troubleshooting computer problems in the 40-person office.

Email would be out. Computers wouldn’t work. Service interruptions were common. The company MHA had hired to provide IT assistance wasn’t doing much assisting. MHA provides services and a relaxing environment for the mentally ill; the agency’s responsibilities are trying enough even when its technology works perfectly.


“They would have trouble solving the software and hardware issues that we were having, and when we’d call about a problem, we would often get a shrug of the shoulders, and the answer was just, ‘Well, you just kind of expect that,’ ” says CEO Bill Grove. “And that just wasn’t the right answer.”

MHA Financial Officer Thomas Hover had heard of CMIT Solutions of Erie and reached out to owner Beth Burnside for help.

Over the next several months, CMIT Solutions worked closely with MHA to transform the company’s IT infrastructure. Burnside and her lead technician, Nathan Hoderny, met twice a month with Grove, Hover, and Gossett to lay out a plan that would update the company’s hardware and software and provide the company with new capabilities, such as off-site backup and cloud-based access to important data and PCs.

The transition happened without a hitch.

“Every step of the process was explained to us,” Gossett says. “Nathan would explain the technology side, and Beth would explain how different upgrades would affect users, so there were no surprises.”

The company’s old IT problems have largely disappeared. When a problem does creep up, Burnside and her team solve it quickly, minimizing the disruptions that used to plague the agency.

Beyond troubleshooting, CMIT also gave MHA new capabilities, better security, and offsite backup to ensure data recovery in case of a disaster such as a flood or fire. The upgrade has washed away small inefficiencies that nevertheless ate into partners’ and employees’ time; for instance, under the old provider, Grove would sometimes work from home and delete unwanted emails, then have to delete them again at the office. “Now, if I delete an email,” he says, “it stays deleted.”

Before, Gossett would have to return to the office three evenings per week to check the security system. Now, CMIT Solutions’ Marathon monitoring service, which can be controlled from any internet browser, allows Gossett to check it via the Internet without leaving her home.

“It’s given me back a lot of time with my family,” she says.

If your small or medium-sized business needs a technology upgrade and enterprise-level, 24/7 monitoring of your IT system, CMIT Solutions is the place to turn to. For information about our managed services, visit; for information about CMIT Marathon, visit; for information about CMIT Solutions of Erie, visit

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