The Future of Business Security With Evolving Technology

As technology evolves, businesses are seeing a new wave of security breaches. These breaches can come in many forms, but the good news is that we are now able to combat these new breaches with technology of our own. Three distinct challenges seen by David Usher, president of CMIT Solutions of Wilmington, include malware, backups, and the need to encrypt data to meet the regulations of HIPAA and others.

Usher explains that malware often comes in the form of an email from a credible-looking source such as Amazon or PayPal. These emails are meant to look friendly, but once you click on them, they can infect your computer with viruses. It is important to be vigilant about clickable links or attachments in any unfamiliar email.

Because of malware, it’s also very important to back up your files. Unfortunately, Dropbox and OneDrive aren’t enough. Usher states that the best way to back up your information is using an on-site and off-site back-up system.

To completely protect your online information, Usher recommends purchasing anti-virus software, anti-spam software, ad-blocking software, and network monitoring software. Nothing can completely eliminate all threats, but this type of layered security can significantly increase the security of your business and ensure that you are only communicating with known and credible sources.

Lastly, it is important to encrypt data to prevent outside sources from being able to read your information. This is simply another way to protect the information of your business and your confidential client information.

Click here to see WilmingtonBiz’s full article on Technology Boosting Business Security.

The ever-evolving nature of technology makes it difficult to keep up with your business’ online security. Luckily CMIT Solutions has the resources to protect your business. If you would like to learn more about how to protect your business, contact CMIT Solutions today.

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