Why CMIT Solutions New Automatic Patch Management for Adobe, Java, iTunes and Firefox Is Critical for Small Business

Submitted by Melanie Fricke on Thursday, April 26, 2012


CMIT is nation’s first MSP to offer patch management service that small businesses need

These days, the viruses and malware that can cripple business computer systems hitch rides on tools virtually every business uses: Adobe PDF and Flash files and JavaScript on websites.

That’s in part because users, even those who religiously install security updates (“patches”) for major software programs and operating systems, often ignore prompts from Adobe and Oracle. IT professionals have found that many users either don’t recognize them or think the updates themselves are Trojan horses bearing viruses. Weird irony, isn’t it? Office workers are so afraid of infection, they think the medicine will make them sick.

But what if small business owners could let someone else handle the updates, make sure software is virus-free and up to date, and install the updates without business owners even having to think about it?

It’s what CMIT Solutions is offering by including patch coverage for Adobe and Java in its popular CMIT Marathon package. CMIT Solutions is the first managed services provider in the United States to offer patch services for those products, in addition to Mozilla Firefox and Apple iTunes and QuickTime.

The service automatically tests and installs software and operating system security updates on business computers. Owners and employees don’t have to respond to every prompt themselves. CMIT Solutions owners have long installed automatic updates for Microsoft products, but the new service covers virtually every potential carrier of viruses and malware.

If you’re a small business owner or employee, the new service is a huge time- and worry-saver. The service not only protects you fully from Trojan horses, but frees you from even having to install the patches — saving time and energy you’d waste installing the updates and trying to determine whether they’re clean. CMIT handles the whole thing, top to bottom, leaving clients to do what they do best: run their businesses.

There’s another advantage: Now, if you’re a small business client of CMIT’s, you have no doubt whether a security update is infected. When a prompt pops up on their screens, you know: Avoid it. It’s infected. CMIT’s new service removes the doubt from security patching.

Hackers are always finding ways to circumvent whatever security functions that operating systems and software providers construct. The threat grows by the day. It makes sense for small businesspeople, who have enough on their plates, to hire managed service providers that can affordably stay on top of technology and swat down any intruders that can wreck their IT systems.

Want to find out more about how CMIT Solutions offers the best managed IT services for small businesses? See www.cmitsolutions.com.

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