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Next Phase:
Data Security and Human Resources
Management Concerns

Planning to support work from home and moving work back to the office


Webinar: Next Phase: Data Security and Human Resources Management Concerns

What are the longer-term considerations of having employees continue to work from home? How many copies of important company files were made when staff took work home? What skills will managers need to successfully manage a remote workforce? How can we best secure work from home? How will WFH impact your recruiting efforts?

Join Emory Simmons, CISSP and Kit M. Foreman, SPHR, MBA as they discuss considerations that need to be addressed when moving work and workers back into the company office or if choosing to extend work from home. Together they will address human resource management and information security concerns that should factor into these decisions.

Kit M. Foreman, SPHR, MBA

Kit is the owner of Strategic Performance Solutions, a consulting firm providing alignment between the human resources management strategies and the organizational goals of small businesses. With a mission to help turn small businesses into great employers, she offers common-sense solutions that are founded in cultural principals of values, ethics, and service for the purpose of maximizing performance while minimizing the risks associated with being an employer.

Emory Simmons, CISSP

Emory is the President of CMIT Solutions of Metrolina. His company helps businesses manage their information assets by protecting their data, defending their networks, and helping their employees be more productive. CMIT Solutions of Metrolina is based in Charlotte, NC and has served small and mid-sized businesses in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area since 2008.

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