Is your password a combination of your children or pet’s name? Or perhaps your grandmother’s name? Everyone picks passwords that are easy to remember. Easy to remember equals easy to hack. Even Jimmy Kimmel did a segment showing how easy it is to get someone to reveal their password. Passwords should be like Fight Club. Rule One – never talk about your passwords. Ever.Firewalls stop threats. Period. But many business owners try to cut corners and use lower cost alternatives that simply don’t provide the same level of protection.  Would you scrimp on a blood transfusion? Firewalls are the lifeblood of a strong perimeter defense.You don’t know what’s going to happen. Click on an unsafe link from a nefarious sender, and you can be walking down ransomware lane, searching for bitcoin.  And the real problem is that it is so darn easy to accidently click on a link. Email security can prevent those pesky emails from reaching your inbox. An ounce of prevention can literally save your business.You might be tempted to take it for granted, but it when it’s missing, nothing is right. Anti-virus and anti-malware software is the most basic level of protection for servers and other computers.  Essential. Mandatory. Never forget it.Data encryption. If you encrypt private information sent in emails, keep your most important data encrypted at risk and in transit, you will never go to data breach jail. Hackers loathe data encryption because it works.  Do it.

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